Cleaning your Conservatory

Is your conservatory looking as good as it did the day it was built? A conservatory looks great when new but can rapidly develop a coating of green slime, bird droppings, moss, insects and dirt through exposure to the weather. This is not always obvious until you take a good look, then you will probably be horrified at how grubby it actually is! Regular cleaning can keep it in top condition – manufacturers recommend cleaning about four times a year – and, apart from the cosmetic benefits, this will reduce the need for maintenance bills and costly repairs. Additionally, if you are looking to sell your home you will want to present your conservatory in the best condition to add value to the property.

There are specialist firms out there who are experienced in cleaning conservatories – sometimes that is all they do. If you are worried about reaching the roof or clearing out the gutters there is sure to be one in your neighbourhood – a little more expensive perhaps but maybe worth it for you. One alternative is to use your regular window cleaner – negotiate a price before you start – some window cleaners do not want the hassle and will price it high to discourage you. Others will be pleased to add another job to their regular round.

Of course, if you had thought about using self cleaning glass, especially on the roof, when it was built, you are laughing to yourself at this minute – it may have been expensive, but this glass is coated with a substance that reacts with UV rays in daylight to break down and disintegrate organic dirt, which is then washed off by rain, spreading evenly over the surface and then running off the surface. All you really need is soap and water (nothing abrasive), angled brushes on rods which can be bought at a very minimal price, or a steam cleaner and hose, a ladder, and lastly, patience… Do not use a power washer, however tempting it may be to take the easy way – it may create leaks eventually.

What should I clean? Gutters get blocked with vegetation very easily, and can just be scooped out with a hand or a tool. If the glass is dirty it will let in less light and the conservatory will look dull and grey. If there is algae on the outside PVC, it will become more and more difficult to remove if left. Clean glass, PVC, cladding, soffits, gutters, finials – then don’t forget the inside glass to give a really sparkling finish. Take it in small sections, starting at the top, and spread the job over a few days if necessary – what’s the rush?

You wouldn’t buy an expensive car then leave it to slowly rot away without cleaning it, would you? When you decided to put a conservatory on your property you made a decision which probably changed your lifestyle, so you owe it to yourself to look after your investment, and keep it as good as new.

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