Guardian Solid Conservatory Roofs

Guardian Roof Solid System

Do you have a Conservatory that is Too Hot in the Summer and Too Cold in the Winter? Do you wish you could make use of your Conservatory all year round? Replace your conservatory roof with a Solid Roof System. Conservatories in Bristol offers an ideal replacement conservatory roof for your conservatory.

Solid Conservatory Roofs will transform your conservatory from a seasonal room to a living space to be used all year round. Giving a U-Value of 0.16 it ensures that your conservatory retains heat in the winter and gives additional energy efficiency. The Solid Roof System will transform your energy costing Conservatory to an energy efficient Sun Lounge Room. As a result, simply installing a Solid Roof System as a replacement conservatory roof you will increase the energy efficiency of your whole house.

The GuardianTM Roof has a number of unique selling points…

  • The only fully LABC approved and tested system on the market
  • High performance insulated warm roof system
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Provides energy cost savings
  • Reduces rain noise and glare

With different options for internal and external finishes, you can tailor your new room to your exact liking. All our Solid Conservatory Roofs are designed and fabricated to the exact specification for your roof and is tailor built for your house.

Solid Conservatory Roofs

Internal Finishes

Plasterboard finish

The plasterboard finish is the most popular internal ceiling finish on most sunrooms. Usually painted white, this has a nice bright finish to it allowing as much light to be bounced around the room as possible. For those who have become used to the amount of light from your glass or polycarbonate roof conservatory, this finish would be the ideal replacement conservatory roof.

Timber Finish

For naturally bright rooms, the Timber finish could be the perfect choice for your ceiling. Depending on the design and layout of your home this finish could provide a clean and bright room whilst tying in aesthetically with the existing finish of your home.


To prevent heat loss in winter, the replacement conservatory roof is insulated to full Building Control standard achieving a U value of 0.16w/mk. The insulation consists of 40mm superquilt and 60mm PIR insulation in all foil backed plasterboard application, the same insulation is used in a Timber finish ceiling but a vapour controlled layer is also needed with this.

We will provide you with the help you need to take advantage of this opportunity.

  • LABC Approved
  • Full Marketing Tool Kit
  • Technical Support
  • Full Training for your Installers
  • On-site Assistance

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