How do we use our Conservatories?

So many people have taken the sensible step of extending their house with a conservatory, whether a lean-to or an orangery, small or large. With under floor heating or a large radiator, and high quality glazing, the conservatory should be able to be used throughout the year, without being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

There are many ways in which you can utilise your conservatory – the options are as big as your requirements and your imagination! A quick poll amongst friends and acquaintances have come up with the following:-

“I use it as my office and go in there to get away from the wife, children and dogs. However, the outlook is onto our garden and I do tend to get distracted by the view, especially if the birds are on the lawn feeding on the bread put out for them.”

“We have it as a playroom for the children. We can tidy all their toys away in there, so they do not spill over into the living room, which is quite small. They think of it as their own, and have used it as a castle, a pirate ship, and much more.”

“I go in there every morning with my cup of coffee to start the day. It is a relaxing time before my hectic day gets going. Sometimes I don’t even sit down, just stand there looking at the garden in all weathers – in the winter, especially with the frost and snow on the glass, it’s just a wonderland.”

“When we have our extended family to stay, our conservatory doubles as a bedroom for the youngsters, with sleeping bags covering the floor, then also as an extra space to put a buffet type supper and chairs.”

“We have created a library in our conservatory, and often sit in there to read with a cup of tea in the afternoon. This does often turn into a doze, though, especially in the summer sun.”

“We keep a jigsaw permanently on the table and I try to put in a few pieces every time I go in there.”

“Our conservatory is the old-fashioned type where we grow tropical plants, and bring in tender plants from the garden in the winter months.”

“We have a dining table in there and use it for entertaining friends in the evening – the view upwards to the stars and out on to the garden lights is great!”

“Our spare television is in there, and the children often watch something different to us without the rows over which programme to watch.”

“We waste the potential of our conservatory because we have let the dogs take it over as a large kennel – one of our resolutions when spring comes is to use it differently – the dogs won’t like it, though.”

It is quite clear that every conservatory allows the family to use it exactly as they want to. How will you use yours?

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