Is your Conservatory a Paradise or an Igloo?

Are you still using your conservatory or have you relegated it for summer use only? It’s the middle of winter now, but many people are still using their conservatory.

Especially those who have opted for some sort of heating and have installed blinds which can retain the warmth, using a specialist fabric to help insulate the room and make it warmer. After all, most conservatories are double glazed which can be better than brick for retaining the heat.

What is better than relaxing in the winter sunshine, dreaming of the summer? You can achieve your own peaceful area that is comfortable and tranquil without glare by the use of carefully chosen blinds, and they can even make a conservatory more eco-friendly – up to 70% of heat loss occurs through the roof, and blinds help to moderate this process. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours and will not only be practical but can add style to your conservatory. They can even be remote controlled or be on an automatic timer so you will not have to move an inch!

However, it is important to choose the correct blinds.

Pleated blinds give a neat and stylish finish (with slimmer pleats, even neater) for all styles of conservatory and come in a huge number of colours and styles. They are practically invisible when retracted, low maintenance and are good for glare protection but they do attract the dirt. They are a popular choice for roofs.

Pinoleum blinds are made of woven woods and are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. They help to retain heat and create a dappled light effect giving a relaxing ambience.

Venetian blinds fit exactly into the individual window and can complement pleated or pinoleum styles giving adjustabloe light and glare control. A large choice of colours and styles are available. These too, however, attract dust.

Roller blinds with an aluminium backing are great value for money,and the choices of colour and design are innumerable. They will roll up into a very small space when not in use, and can be washable.

Roman blinds are luxurious roller blinds – they will retract completely but when pulled down the thick layers of material will help with temperature control and heating bills and add a feeling of warmth to the room.

Vertical blinds don’t attract the dirt as much as other types, are more stable in the wind and can control the amount of glare by being able to tilt open or closed.

Blinds can enhance the look of a conservatory or unfortunately spoil it. It is worth looking around to find the ones for you, then talk to an expert who will be happy to advise you according to your needs and budget. You will be investing good money in blinds, so make sure you will love what you choose. Use your conservatory all year round – don’t shut it away until summer..

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