Top Tips For Choosing Your Conservatory

Choosing a conservatory can be a daunting task, however help is at hand. Read our top tips to help you make the right decisions when choosing your conservatory. And remember a good conservatory company will work with you to find the best solution for your requirements and budget.

Think about how you will use it

How do you plan to use your conservatory? Will you use it for a dining room, an office, a sun room. Deciding how you are going to use your conservatory will help you choose the most suitable size and layout.

Don’t just choose the cheapest option

As with everything you buy these days, you get what you pay for! The cheapest option can sometimes cost more in the long run. Also choosing better options for your new conservatory such as a performance glass roof will require less maintenance and provide all year round use.


A South facing conservatory will get much more sun and will therefore require adequate ventilation or ideally a performance glass roof.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better

Always treat your conservatory as a fluid extension of your home as opposed to an add on. Choose a design which will complement your home and the garden around it.

Glazing Options

Choose you glazing wisely. Normal glass and polycarbonate will allow solar heat to penetrate your conservatory raising it’s temperature on hot days. Performance glass will prevent this whilst reducing heat loss in the winter.

Think Ventilation

Always ensure you have adequate ventilation so you can still enjoy your conservatory on hot days. Roof vents allows fresh air in whilst keeping the elements out. Roof fans or air conditioning are another consideration.

Check with your local authority

Generally in England and Wales you do not require planning permission to build a conservatory. However to avoid any doubt check with your local authority as early as possible.


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