What Should My Conservatory Look Like?

So – you’ve decided to get a conservatory, and you’ve decided what you are going to use it for – your next decision is that of choosing the basic design and materials.

Obviously, your budget will influence this, but this is where a free consultant service comes in – a design consultant will take you through the options, prices and designs. There are a range of styles available with variations in the detail. The conservatory will need to blend with the area in which you live, and fit with your existing property. Match materials, but add your own details as you wish.

Lean-to/Garden Room/Sun Room
A single roof leaning against an existing wall. Simple and cost effective, with the advantage that it doesn’t need much room.

Classic and stylish in a rectangular or square shape (no curves). It makes optimum use of space, and variations on the roof shape can make it distinctive. This shape gives good light.

A very popular choice which suits many house types, with a bay front, ridged roof and faceted walls.

Elegant, with tall windows and a lantern shaped roof. The side walls are not made of glass.

Pool Enclosure
The ideal way to make sure you can use your pool all year round. The design needs to fit the pool itself.

If you have an awkward space you can combine styles to suit yourself, or perhaps you have a definite idea in mind as to what you need. This can be traditional or contemporary.

Conservatories come in a choice of frames, which can be chosen to blend with your existing property.

Low maintenance, with excellent insulation properties, and it never needs painting.

Can be coated in any colour. Low maintenance, and gives god support for roofs.

Durable but requires maintenance. Gives a natural or traditional look.

Avoid making an expensive mistake – you may like one on a website, but remember, it needs to fit with your home and garden, and it will be there for many years to come.

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