What’s The First Choice You Need To Make About Your New Conservatory?

Well, the first question you need to ask yourself is  “What am I going to use it for?”

A conservatory adds style, space and value to a home but you need to be able to utilise it fully, whether it be sunny or snowing outside. You need to choose the right position and design for this extension to your living space. Whether you choose a Victorian, Edwardian or contemporary design, wood or UPVC, north or south facing, it must be able to be used all year round (remember, it’s not always sunny and warm in England). Depending on its intended use, it can be furnished to suit, and fitted with various insulating and glazing materials to give the atmosphere you have envisaged.

Uses can range from a conservatory over a swimming pool or hot tub, to a kitchen extension, with many ideas in between.

Kitchen extension – giving an extra room added on to your kitchen, enabling the family to eat at one end while the working end is kept at the other. Ideal for busy families in the mornings, trying to get children of all ages ready for school.

Lounge extension – a family space or an ideal retreat, where you can have the winter sun in the mornings with your coffee, use it as a reading room in the daytime, or for a drink in the evenings. As the family gets older, it can adapt, and teenagers can have their own privacy to do homework, watch TV or listen to music, have their friends round, or party.

Office – a conservatory can make a light and airy office, leading possibly directly on to the garden so you can take a break, and being somewhere to be able to keep computers, books and files together. It can also have its own entrance for your clients.

Dining room extension – a room in which you could breakfast as a family at weekends and talk to each other over meals at a table, or just sit and read newspapers over a cup of tea. Also ideal for use when you entertain – lunches, drinks, parties.

Other ideas? A gym or games room, a children’s play room, a garden room, even an original conservatory, full of plants!

So – decide what you need before picking lighting, flooring, ventilation, heating – if you’ve got dogs and muddy boots coming straight in from the garden, you don’t want a nicely carpeted area..

Whether you want a conservatory for working, relaxing or entertaining, or as a multifunction room, consult the experts on all the details to get exactly the right thing for you, but firstly, think about how you are going to use it !!

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