Why not do it Yourself?

Would you really like a conservatory which will enhance your house and give you more space, but are put off by the cost? The answer could be a self build conservatory, assembled by you or your own builder. If you don’t feel confident enough to build it yourself, you can use your local builder to carry out the base construction, and then use easy to follow and comprehensive assembly instructions to assemble the rest of the building yourself, with or without your builder’s help – and still enjoy the substantial cost savings compared to getting a company to do everything. There are many conservatory systems that have been designed so that they can be erected simply with an extra pair of hands to help if needed, without the need for experience.

Delivered to your door, there can be a choice of a concrete base or an easy to lay base with a range of stone and brick floors, with modular panels and frames which slide onto pre routed sills, often with no drilling or screws required, cutting down on time required and making it quick and easy to follow the instructions and straightforward to construct. No need for a building site mess, and anyone with a basic DIY capability can cope with it!

All products are made to the exact size and style to suit your home, whether you chose a lean-to style, Edwardian or Victorian, or a bespoke shape and size. It will be of professional quality, and most companies offer a 10 year guarantee, free nationwide delivery, an installation kit and a helpful DVD as well as after sales support.

Customers say that they have a great sense of pride and satisfaction, having completed the project themselves, and really, with a bit of confidence, a couple of days work, and backup from a reputable conservatory company, there is no reason not to do it yourself…



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